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Friday, July 27, 2007

you know what? just kill me now

Surprise! No air conditioning. They didn't show up yesterday, and they didn't call. Don finally called Installation Guy, who, sounding mildly surprised, said that Sales Guy was supposed to call us. Hadn't he? No, Installation Guy, he hadn't. So Don called Sales Guy, who said that they had a job they absolutely had to finish yesterday because there was an inspection scheduled, and that they would be out to our house today. He also politely suggested that we should probably look elsewhere for somebody to do the upstairs installation. Apparently they are as tired of us as we are of them. Can't imagine why.


danielle said...

That's absolutely terrible. How do they maintain a business that way?! Is this unreliable, sucktastic people week? and no one told us?

The Cybrarian said...

What company is that, so I know to never hire them!!
ps. I suggest sleeping under a wet towel.

quietnightwing said...

Report them to the Better Business Bureau so other people don't have to deal with them.

Sandy & Michael said...

I just hope it's not as hot there as it is here! That must be SO annoying :(