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Thursday, July 12, 2007

negatives and positives

The HVAC guy didn't show up yesterday, either. But we finally got a call from him. The deal is that the company we went with is actually a two-man operation. One guy does sales and service, and one guy (our pointy-shouldered friend) does installation. Unfortunately, it just so happens that this week, Mr. Sales-and-Service is on vacation, and Installation Guy has had to pick up the slack. He said he's been working ten hour days just trying to keep up with the service calls. We're not thrilled, but whatever. We're going to be out of the house most of the weekend anyway. He said he'll be back on our job on Monday (Mr. S&S gets back from vacation on Friday) and will have us "up and running" on Wednesday. Sure thing.

Life's not all bad, though. I brought in a bunch of basil for my coworker (he's a trained chef!), and the whole office smells like a garden. Also, I got this book in the mail a couple of days ago; I'm looking forward to taking a little bit of time for myself and reading it.

And, of course, the most awesome news right now is that Lindley is getting this adorable kitten!

Pretty much the cutest thing EVER. I think we're meeting up on Sunday to go on a kitty supply purchasing run.


quietnightwing said...

Won't it grow up and eat the ferrets? Or the ferrets take pre-emptive action and eat it when it's small?

danielle said...

Awww. The kitty's a baby Gizmo! :)

fmsilk # live journal said...


I've had kitties and ferrets at the same time... A single ferret can easily hold its own against a full grown cat that thinks it's clever and tries to have a ferret snack.

Multiple ferrets will take down a full grown cat and annoy it until it runs yowling from the room.

A kitten is probably just playful enough to think the ferrets are fun toys. He'll grow up with a healthy respect and keep his distance. :)