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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the saga continues

Why is it that it's always on Wednesdays that I forget to post? Normally I post every weekday, generally in the morning. But for the last several Wednesdays, I have been either uninspired or forgetful, and have either not posted or posted later than normal. Hump day indeed.

So, today's news:

The bad: Unsurprisingly, we still don't have air conditioning. Don got a call from the again mysteriously-absent Installation Guy, who informed him that they'd JUST ordered our units and thus were waiting for them to arrive, and he'd be back on Thursday with the units and ready to go. Why they only just now ordered the units when they've been working on our house for like two weeks is beyond me. Whatever.

The good: I've spent a whole lot of time in the last couple of days working on Anapurna stuff, and I've finally got our Etsy shop up and running. With some judicious forum posting and self-promotion, it seems to be generating at least some interest. Hopefully people will start buying things in droves. Including you people. Go on, buy something.

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