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Monday, July 30, 2007

maybe we can bet on it

Yes, yes, you want to know what's going on and whether we've got air conditioning yet. Well, we don't. But this time it's our own fault, I think. Or at least partly. Installation Guy isn't done yet, but he's close to it (I think he just needs to finish up in the kitchen or something). It's not in our contract with them to run the necessary electrical (apparently because Sales Guy was under the mistaken impression that we were hiring an electrician to run every little wire in the house -- not likely, even I know how to wire an outlet, sheesh). So we need to run some wire from the box to the new HVAC unit(s). Don was supposed to get his dad to come over and help, but for some reason he didn't call his dad until Saturday evening, and apparently his dad never got the message, because we didn't hear back and Don had a fit of machismo and refused to call again. So the wiring's not done, and we can't call Installation Guy like he asked us to when we were done with the wiring so he could make the final hookups.

Don is under the impression that Installation Guy is supposed to be out to the house today anyway, to finish up the kitchen and whatever else isn't done. I got the impression from what IG said on Friday that he won't come back to finish up until we get the wiring done and call him like he asked. We'll see who's right.

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