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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

death of a kitchen: two weekends

The story of the last couple of weekends, directly from Instagram.

 So now we have a completed subfloor. Next up: Labor Day weekend and a lot of framing and plumbing.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


The kitchen renovation is going to start very soon.

Last night, we moved the dining room table into the office to serve as a holding area for kitchen stuff (and to get it out of the way). The dining room is now empty, and all of the kitchen appliances will be moving in there soon. We'll keep the fridge and the microwave plugged in, but everything else will be dark - no stove, no laundry, no dishwasher.

Yesterday we went to Costco and stocked up on paper plates and cups, plus all sorts of frozen pre-made foods we'll be able to microwave for dinner. That and the Wegmans prepared food section will see us through the next couple of months, I suspect.

Tonight, we'll start packing away the nonessentials - champagne flutes, salad spinners, etc. We'll continue the packing slowly through the rest of this week, keeping everything functional as long as we can. We may even rip out some of the floor before we lose the stove and dishwasher; we'll get as much done with a functional kitchen as we can.

The plan, as it stands right now:
  • Demo everything
  • New joists and subfloor
  • Frame in powder room and coat closet
  • Reroute HVAC vents as necessary
  • Reroute plumbing
  • Electrical - the entire kitchen will be rewired (by an electrician, specifically) from the main box instead of the creepy old auxiliary one it's running off of now
  • Drywall
  • Paint
  • Concrete board and tile entire floor in both kitchen and powder room
  • Install fixtures in powder room, finally get to pee downstairs again
  • Cabinets - must be ordered by the 25th in order to take advantage of a sale, but they will live in the garage til we're ready for them
  • Countertops and sink
  • Re-install appliances
  • Finishing details like switchplates and maybe a backsplash and knobs and things
  • Eat real food again