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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

really i just like the phrase 'back-stoop basil'

We have holes in our subfloor, huzzah! We came home last night to find that the HVAC guy had cut vent holes in all the appropriate places on the first floor, and had left a great deal of flex tubing and other various HVAC supplies in the basement (as good a place to put them as any, since that's where the first unit's going).

In other news, my back-stoop basil has gotten HUGE. In like a week! Holy crap! When I came home last night, Don said, "What have you been doing to that stuff?" I was like, "Nothing! And sometimes I still forget to water it!" It's insane. And also delicious. I had some of it on a tomato salad the other day, it was fantastic. The other great thing about it is that it's incredibly fragrant; all you have to do is practically wave your hand near it and you'll smell like lovely, tangy basil for the next four hours. Mmmm.

We're looking forward to the annual Lambda Chi summer crab feast this weekend; it should be good times, and a nice break from the house. And, in theory, by the end of the week, being in the house should be a lot less intolerable since we'll have AIR CONDITIONING!!! It's been miserable for the last few days -- heat indexes over 100, with humidity in the 90% range. And we all know how well I deal with that stuff.

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