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Friday, July 06, 2007

cat paparazzi

We have stray -- or not -- cats that like to come hang out in our backyard. They're insolent creatures, and one of them actually has taken to napping on top of Don's car, just to prove that they're better than us. It's very hard to actually get a photo of them. Although they're not at all afraid of us, once we get close enough to them they will run away (although not far -- Don spent a good ten minutes chasing the orange one round and round the dumpster, as it would run around the corner of it and then sit back down and wait for him to find it and then repeat the process).

This particular one pictured below (in a very bad, paparazzi-esque photo, all I could get) is extraordinarily fat and wears a red collar, so we're pretty sure its not actually a stray. I don't particularly mind having them running around -- everybody knows I'm totally a cat person -- but Don gets practically apoplectic when he sees them.

Probably because it's his car they sleep on.

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