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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

no news isn't particularly good news

I just don't have a lot to say today. There's no update on the HVAC, as apparently the guy did not show up yesterday. He's scheduled to be finished with the first floor tomorrow; if he doesn't finish I may in fact cry.

There's some other stuff going on which I can't talk about yet, but suffice it to say it's definitely not positive and it's really making it hard to maintain motivation to do virtually anything. Not good. I feel like I'm just sort of wading through some sort of swamp, barely holding ground and not moving forward. I could really, really use a few days off to just relax, go to the farmer's market, plant some lettuce (this gardening thing is getting out of control, I blame Danielle), read some trashy romance novels, make some jewelry, etcetera. Of course, any time off I do wind up taking will be filled with doing laundry, packing up the office, pulling any remaining nails out of the walls on the first floor, moving wood and tools around, doing dishes, blah blah blah. Our real vacation is in late August, but I need something now.

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