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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

save the date: demo day 2

Demolition day for the second floor is officially Saturday, July 21st. If you want to come help out, please give me your email address by the end of this week so that we can send you the Evite (how cute are we, sending out evites to a demolition party).

This is an all day thing, though nobody is forcing anyone to stay for the whole day. We're going to completely gut the second floor down to the studs, and we'd like to get the pool deck down too if people aren't too tired. We'll provide donuts and coffee in the morning, cold bottles of water throughout the day, something (most likely pizza) for lunch, and work gloves if you haven't got them (also I'm the queen of first aid, so if you hurt yourself I'm there to tend your boo-boos). If you've got your own crowbar and work gloves (and/or other demolition-useful tools like reciprocating saws), bring 'em! All this information will be in the Evite, plus anything else we come up with.

If you're not comfortable putting your email address in a comment here, please email me at jamailac at gmail dot com.


fmsilk said...

Wish I could come, smashing walls sounds like something I could really get into lately. Unfortunately I can't really justify the trip from Minnesota.

danielle said...

That sounds like my kind of fun. Sign me up! box89e AT gmail DOT com.

I don't have a crowbar, but I do have a rusty axe. Really. It came with my house.