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Monday, September 04, 2006

ernesto aftermath

We weren't much affected by Tropical Storm Ernesto -- a lot of wind and rain on Friday night (my umbrella turned inside out twice while I was walking from my car to the bar for the Blogger Happy Hour, and I was a block away) and some leftover rain on Saturday. In the end, our garbage cans were knocked over by the wind and the big maple in the backyard was... um... aggressively trimmed by the storm. We went out on Sunday to do some other yardwork and I cleared up all of the branches which had fallen.


quietnightwing said...

Hmmm. Aggressively trimmed. Maybe I can say that is what the deer are doing to my plants. It's not damage, it's pruning.

Stephanie said...

If you feel you need to take part in a greater clean up effort from the storm, feel free to stop by our backyard. Our trees were trimmed a bit more, um, aggresively. haha I did manage to drag all of the branches into a pile, but the dogs think its an obstacle course so they are scattered again.

Oh, and to the person who left the comment about the deer eatting their plants. My parents live in the woods and have the same problem. My dad found this liquid you spray on your plants, it smells REALLY bad, but whatever is in it, keeps the deer away like a charm. I can get the name of it if you are interested. He swears by it!

quietnightwing said...

I use Deer Off, and it usually works for a few weeks. It smells awful, which kind of makes it a pity to use on the roses.