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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the someday house

Everybody's got a someday house. It's the house you're talking about when you see some new idea, gadget, or product, and say, "Well, not in this house. But someday." It'll go in your someday house. Things you don't have the space for or the money for or the need for right now, they all get tucked away into the someday house, to wait for you.

My someday house is a farmhouse. A big, rambling old farmhouse, modernized and open on the inside but still the picture of a country home. Lots of guest rooms, a huge kitchen, and a farmhouse table, the kind that's made of the biggest slab of wood you've ever seen, used until it's got the glow of country life worn right into it. There's a garden in my someday house, too. That's one of the ways you can tell it's a someday house -- I haven't learned to garden yet.

Don's someday house is custom built, and wired for voice recognition and mobile control of all electronic functions. I think it has LCD TVs in the bathroom mirrors, too. And, for some reason, a sweeping central staircase, perfect for Scarlett O'Hara-ing your way down. He's quite determined about the staircase.

I don't know how we'll reconcile our someday houses, whenever someday gets here. But in the meantime, it's good to know there's a place to put all of the ideas I can't fit into this house.

What's your someday house like?


Summer said...

sounds like you'll each need a house!

I think I'd love an old FLW house but M is 6'3" and doesn't fit in his houses. :-( That's just a dream house though. In reality, my someday house will have a Mudroom with a drain in the middle of the floor, be no more than 2 stories, have a separate craft room with built-ins and an island that is standing height. I also want a reading room and M can have his own football room. And a garden that weeds itself, a kitchen with plenty of space AND a butler's pantry, oh and lights that turn on when you enter the room. I hate dark rooms. but they'd have to recognize the person entering and design the scheme accordingly.

anger hangover said...

My someday house is one that no longer has a mortgage.

jm@houseinprogress said...

My someday house is on the water somewhere and has been designed by Sarah Susanka. Sigh.