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Monday, September 18, 2006

fond furniture dreams

Last year, during one of my mother's visits, we all went down to Rockville and visited the Plow and Hearth store, because she wanted to sit in a rocking chair before she bought it (always a wise policy). While we were there, Don and I discovered the Chair-and-a-Half. Yes, that's what it's called. It's an extra-wide armchair, of the extremely squishy sort. It fits two people and also unfolds into a twin-sized bed. There's a matching ottoman (also squishy) which doubles as a large storage container.

I love it. I plan to get a set (chair and ottoman) for the third upstairs bedroom, which will be either a craft room or an office or both. We'll have a guest room with a queen-sized guest bed in the second bedroom, so the chair-and-a-half won't often be needed to actually sleep guests, but it's the perfect solution for exceedingly comfy seating in what will be my personal space, and if we do ever have a houseful of guests, it's valuable extra sleeping space. And so soft and squishy. I love it in the khaki microfiber fabric they offer.

In general, I'm not a big furniture-planner; I like to use rooms before I furnish them, so I can really get the perfect furniture for the use the room winds up being put to. But the chair-and-a-half is different. It's totally on my list. And I don't even have a list.


johnny dollar said...

sweet! get it upholstered in powder blue and it'll look like chairry from pee-wee's playhouse!

Summer said...

Be sure to shop around. Jcpenney.com has something very similar for about half that price right now. we've been looking for something like it for our office as well but haven't figured out if it will fit through the narrow doorway yet.

Summer said...
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