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Friday, September 22, 2006

the closets of our lives: the nursery closet

It's not what it sounds like. Or rather, it is, but not in the sense you're thinking. It's not the closet in the nursery; it's the closet that is the nursery.

The closet in the middle bedroom is so large that it became a room of its own: the nursery. Brinkley babies lived here!

No, Mom, no Brinkley babies are forthcoming (not from me, anyway -- check with my sisters-in-law), and when they do, this won't be their nursery.

It's actually going to be our master bedroom's walk-in closet. We're going to block off the current door, and make a new one in from the left side (that left wall adjoins the front bedroom, which will be the master). It'll make a nice big walk-in closet for us. Since the middle bedroom is going to be a craft room slash office (okay, I admit it -- maybe even eventually a nursery), it won't need much in the way of closet space. We should be able to frame away a small space for a simple closet, to meet real-estate needs (bedroom's gotta have a closet!).

The nursery closet, of course, has its own closet, just like the others. This is the smallest of the closet-within-a-closets; that little door at the back opens up to what basically amounts to a deep shelving unit. It'll get incorporated into the master suite's closet somehow.

And yes, we'll be repainting it.

So what are we using the middle bedroom for right now?

Why, it's our closet, of course!

No, seriously. We put up rods along the walls to hang our clothes, and stuck our dressers in there, too. The front bedroom has two doors -- one into the hall and one into the middle bedroom -- because the entire upstairs was once a separate apartment for a younger branch of the family (more on this on Monday, stay tuned). So our bedroom connects to the middle bedroom, which is why we made the middle bedroom into our closet for now. It's a temporary solution, but it's the biggest closet I'll ever have.

1 comment:

Jody said...

I've noticed your "closets" have windows...another unusual feature!
and no baby news from this sister-in-law--wish it weren't true! What do you mean, we won't be using these rooms for nurseries??? Once we have babies, we'll have no where else to go!!! LOL By the way, this is the first time I've ever blogged!!