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Monday, September 11, 2006


Maybe all the contractors have heard about our jinx. That would explain why we can't seem to get anyone to call us back. We've called seven contractors and two placement services, and nobody will talk to us. We leave messages, we speak with receptionists, we leave detailed accounts of what we want done -- and no calls.

I take it back -- we did get two calls this weekend. One person is out of town and will have to get back to us later, and the other only does 'turn-key' renovations.

I think the 'turn-key' issue is going to be our biggest one, once we can actually find our way out of whatever telephone oblivion we've stumbled into and start talking to people. 'Turn-key', if you don't know, means a renovation that is totally complete -- you can 'turn your key' in the door and move on in. No worries. We, on the other hand, want about as far from turn-key as you can get. All we want is structural framework done; no electrical, no plumbing, no drywall, no floors, no nothing. We have a contractor lined up for our HVAC work, patiently waiting (and hopefully not dead or anything yet) for us to get this frame work done so he can come in and install the air conditioning. Everything else, we'll be doing ourselves or having installers put in. Most contractors, though, do the whole job or nothing, and pride themselves on it. So it's going to be hard to find someone who'll just do what we want.

And even harder to get them to call us back.


Renfield said...

Sorry about your contractor problem. Have you consulted Angie's List?

Jamaila said...

We looked -- decided against it, based on the recommendations of the housebloggers and the fact that they charge you money just to look. It just didn't seem worthwhile. If we still can't get a contractor soon, though, I might look again.

Renfield said...

I trust the housebloggers' experience, but you can set up an Angie's List account for free. It lasts one year, and if you continue after that they charge you a membership fee.

Jamaila said...

Their website says specifically that they don't offer trial memberships, so that must be something hidden somewhere. Everything on the website says that you pay up front, with an additional ten dollar signup fee.

quietnightwing said...

Have you thought about using your contacts at Home Depot? They have a network of contractors and they might be able to recommend one. Or look for someone who lists themselves as a "carpenter". If the local community college has a carpentry program they might know of someone.

You might also try looking for someone who does handyman work. They are often licensed contractors, and are willing to do partial jobs because they are often not licensed to contract with subs. Some of them may do framing - ask if they have done similar jobs, But check with the BBB and state contracting office once you get their registration number, since there are some pretty marginal types operating under this category.

Renfield said...

I can only assume that we got in on the tail end of a special trial deal. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you were in Bremerton, you'd have several unlicensed people show up. I needed a two door garage converted to a single door. this invlovled removing a cneter post and putting up a glue-lam beam.

Anyway, I got several unlicensed people and one intoxicated fellow that said I could just "knock out the suppporting post" and it would be fine.

Yeah. Right.