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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

the evolution of sleep

The cat has adapted pretty well to living in a house which is in a constant state of flux. Yeah, she runs at your feet and tries to trip you when you walk across the construction areas, and she howls at the top of her lungs whenever a door is shut anywhere in the house which might potentially block her path if she were to choose to go in that direction even though she doesn't actually want to right now thank you very much, and she definitely has an issue with rolling around in the plaster dust, and she thinks coming into the bathroom with you while you're going is fun and chewing on the shower curtain is even more fun, but overall she's adjusted quite well.

Every so often, she'll embark upon a quest to find the Next Great Nap Place, and we'll find her sleeping experimentally all over the house. Here's her latest experiment: the laundry.

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johnny dollar said...


have you seen http://www.catsinsinks.com/ ?

p.s. we missed the pa ren fest - wah