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Thursday, August 31, 2006

a social life? no! really?

This weekend I don't anticipate a lot getting done. Don does intend to get some more of the yard work done (he really just wants to spend quality time with his machete), but we will be, as they say, oot and aboot for a great deal of the weekend.

Tomorrow night you can find me at the Augustember Birthday Blogiversary Blogger Happy Hour, finding yet more things to celebrate -- and drink about -- with the Baltimore bloggers. All you local types, I expect to see you there.

Saturday we'll be over at Chez Brinkley for laundry and conversation, and who knows what else. Nerdy confession: before we head over there, we'll be sitting at our desks playing World of Warcraft, because there is a big guild event in the morning. Go ahead, laugh.

Sunday we'll be being nerdy again, playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends in Randallstown, while I try to get some more work done on various jewelry projects.

Monday, we're joining Lindley and her husband Raymond at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, where I plan to eat a great deal of food. On sticks. If you're going that day and want to meet up, let me know.

So all in all, not a very house-productive weekend -- but probably a lot of fun!


johnny dollar said...

ooo renfest... perhaps we can discuss the finer points of turkey legs and bodices on friday :D

p.s. i don't mean that there is any implied connection between turkey legs and bodices...

Jamaila said...

Tell you what, if you wear a bodice I will jam a turkey leg down it. ;)

johnny dollar said...

ah, but my wife has better cleavage than i do.

Jamaila said...

Then I will let her jam a turkey leg down your bodice; she will probably be quite gratified to be the one whose cleavage is not being smeared with turkey grease. ;)