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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

houseguest update

It was a possum. A dead one. A gross, icky, dead possum.

So we decided to upgrade. Previously, we had three banged-up, lidless garbage cans -- one now full of possum corpse -- in this dirty, bug-filled trash area. We'd just left it the way we got it, basically, even to using the cans that the previous owners left.

Now, in our sparkling clean concrete alcove, we have these armor plated trash relocation vessels.

Baby steps towards being grownups.


Naples Florida Real Estate said...

That does look much better now that you've added nice new cans. A little sanding on the rails and stain would look fantastic too!

Summer said...


Our trash guys have a way of tossing our cans back over the fence. After a year of this, one of ours has cracks in the bottom and the wheels fell off.... which brings us to this problem... how do you throw away a trash can???

Jamaila said...

We put a sign on it. It said "Please take all cans away, we bought new ones."

I haven't been home yet today (our trash should have gotten picked up this morning) so we'll see if it worked. If it didn't, we'll just put the cans inside big black trash bags, I guess. Of course, we'll have to smell dead possum for a week. :/

Anonymous said...

haha Buying new trashcans was a step torwards being an adult? I thought buying your second house would be a bigger step torwards old-ness ;)

Your new cans do look nice though. If your trick worked to get rid of your cans let me know! We have been trying for months to throw away the top to a trashcan that isnt ours but blew to our house during a storm. The trashmen even found it when I bagged it and left it!!!

quietnightwing said...

I usually get rid of them by leaving a note that says "please take entire can" so it should work. I've also started putting a 40 gallon plastic bag in one of the cans for "wet garbage" (food, dead mice, etc) so I don't have to wash the can when it gets smelly. The other can has dry stuff like paper and weeds.

And how did a possum get in your can and die?