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Friday, August 11, 2006


It is quite possible that having a temporary office is worse than having a temporary kitchen.

My desk makes it look like I'm a lot better at multitasking than I actually am.

On top of the desk is, in addition to the monitor and other computerly accoutrements, my jewelry-making supply tacklebox (don't laugh, it's a great way to store everything!), which is of course stacked with books. Under the desk are the computer itself (more books), the subwoofer, the all-in-one printer/scanner/faxer/breadmaker/dishwasher/whatever, and my 'business bag' -- which contains all of the things I could possibly need for anything I might do involving correspondence, plus important paperwork like grad school information sheets and things. And a couple more books. Behind that is a plastic file container which has all of my writing work in it, and on top of that is a little pink box with all of my photos in it. The blue bag on the floor is more jewelry supplies -- it's the stuff I'm currently working on, and I carry it with me to D&D sessions every Sunday. On the far right you can see Don's golf clubs. Those have nothing to do with me.

So. Now you know where AP comes from. And now you know why I can't wait to get the house done -- all of the activities represented on (and under) my desk will be done in separate rooms.


dean said...

Howdy, I'm local lurker. I used to have a blog, still do, it's just neglected, or abandoned, I can't decide which. We live near you, over in Violetville. We've been doing some remodeling in anticipation of selling our house. My wife has been documenting a bit on her blog, www.amymckenzie.com but we're bad with the before pics. :-)

I was wondering if your husband might be willing to swap a hand or two. I have at least one thing I need an extra hand with, and would be willing to be an extra set of hands when you need them.

What made me decide to post a comment is the fact that you mention D&D on Sundays. I've never been into D&D, and due to an evangelical christian background never thought id' be interested, but lately i've been playing Heroscape, and been getting a bit interested in some other miniature gaming, and was wondering if you're playing with folks in the area, or going to Dundalk or something... I'm always looking for gaming groups in my area. I enjoy playing boardgames most of all... all this time spent working on the house, leaves little time for gaming.

Jamaila said...

Hi Dean! Thanks for reading. I've seen your wife's blog over on Blogtimore, so I actually know who you are! As for helping hands, I'm afraid the body might be willing but the schedule is unable; we currently don't actually have time to work on our own house (you may have noticed that recent posts haven't actually mentioned anything about progress). Due to our respective commutes, the only time we have free is weekends, and the next two are booked up with family obligations (okay, family obligations and my birthday), and after that, classes start again for the fall semester, and our weekends are shut down for good (my classes are on Saturdays, and we have the previous committment Sundays).

As for D&D, we play in Randallstown, at a friend's apartment. Our group is currently more than full -- we are overflowing, with seven people when a normal setup is four or five -- but if you're interested in finding D&D groups specifically, you can make a post on the Wizards of the Coast forums looking for a local group, or on Craigslist.

Something a little less like plunging directly into the depths that might really suit you, if you'd like to tentatively dip your wee feet into the world of gaming, is the Games Club of Maryland, who have an open gaming session at the Baltimore Science Fiction Society's clubhouse twice a month and several other gaming sessions all over the area. I know a lot of the people, and they're really nice.