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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

reader questions: yes, it worked

Several people asked how we got rid of our old garbage cans when we replaced them with armor-plated trash relocation vessels. The answer is simple, although I think it has a great deal to do with where we live: We put a note on them.

No, really. We took them all out to the curb, and Don slid one of the empty ones into the one with the dead possum in it. We were afraid they might not take it if they saw a furry corpse inside, so stacking the empty one inside it hid the corpse and made it even clearer that we wanted to get rid of the cans. Then I took a piece of notebook paper and wrote the following:

(we bought new ones)

I added a smiley face at the bottom, just to be sure. The smiley face always helps.

Don duct-taped the note to the cans (holding his nose the whole time, the dead possum was seriously stinky), and that was that. When we came home from work yesterday they were gone.

I am pretty sure this will work just about anywhere they have curbside trash pickup. My mom says she's done it, too, and she lives pretty much as far away from me as you can get and still be on the mainland. We do have pretty lenient trash guys (thanks, Baltimore County!), but I'm pretty sure that they would pick up trash cans with signs on them even if they didn't also pick up old rakes and furniture and pieces of tree and PVC pipe and giant pieces of styrofoam and ten-foot-long steel poles.

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