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Thursday, August 03, 2006

a seasonal comparison

To give you all a better idea of how the jungle has taken over our lives, here's a picture of the house from when we first bought it.

Now here's a picture of the house today, from approximately the same angle. Notice how the plants are trying to devour the house and all within.

Lest you say to yourself, "Pish-tosh! That's not all that bad! Why, it almost looks pretty! Summery! Like a veritable Garden of Eden with a California Bungalow in the middle of it!", here is a picture of the backyard. Hidden beneath the jungle, you can kind of see the storage shed and some of the pool. Kind of.

Incidentally, Don didn't want me to post this. He is afraid that the internet is going to find out that we are slobs. Oops.

1 comment:

Spellshaper said...

What she fails to state is that in the third pictures there is a 3 foot high mound of dirt under that particular patch of growth from the dirt that was removed when the driveway was put in. So it's really not THAT bad at that spot.