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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Yesterday the results of the appraisal for the new lender came in. Apparently the appraiser found standing water in the basement, which is a totally new thing (particularly since the previous appraiser found no such thing less than two weeks ago!). Our realtor called the seller's realtor, who told him that the sellers had been out of town. She spoke to them, and was told that the only time there had ever been water in the basement before was when the sump pump had broken or failed to turn on or whatever after a rainstorm. That's all well and good, but now the lender wants a contractor to go out to the house and either fix the problem or come up with a reasonable explanation for it-- they won't accept the sellers' explanation.

What this means is that settlement on Friday is now virtually impossible, unless by some miracle we can get a contractor to come out today and to say that there really isn't a problem. Which will of course cost money.

We've now spent over $2200 out of pocket, and we still don't have a house.

I'm a little annoyed.

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