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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Now that we have the internet at home (blessed, blessed internet), it's feasible for me to occasionally work from home. Which is what I'm doing today. I wasn't feeling very good this morning, and definitely wasn't up to a long train ride. So I emailed my boss and asked if I could VPN in to work today. She said it was fine. I love working from home. I can eat breakfast when I actually want it (usually about an hour after I wake up) instead of when I have to, I can pet the cat, work in my pajamas, and of course the best part is that I don't have to wake up at 4:30 AM to get to work on time! Someday I will have a job that lets me work from home every day.

So this morning I got to set up my computer finally-- the cable only got turned on two days ago, of course, and Don only set up his computer to test it, he didn't bother to set up mine, figuring we'd get around to it when we had time.

In the townhouse, I used a built-in desk which of course stayed there when we sold it. So I'm using the folding table from the laundry room until the construction is done. Then I'll get to buy a really nice desk. I want one of those fancy estate desks that you see in mansions, the really big flat ones. Mmm, big desk. Anyway. So I dragged in the table from where the movers had left it, on the screen porch, and set it up in the designated corner. Then I got out all of my cords and wires and bits and pieces and plugged everything in and was good to go.

It's so nice to have the internet again.

Now I think I'll go have breakfast.

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