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Friday, January 20, 2006

I've moved this blog over here to blogger from MSN spaces because a) the interface is better, b) everything processes faster, and c) it's prettier. Also, eventually I'm going to just get a domain name, and redirect it to here (at least for a while, until Don lets me set up a server). And that will be lovely.

Anyway. Back to the real blogging.

Last night we had grand ambitions to get lots of unpacking and cleaning and rearranging done. Instead, we made a frozen pizza and collapsed into bed at 8:30 (which caused Don to moan about how we are old and boring, which is marginally true). We have people coming over at noon tomorrow for Dungeons & Dragons (yes we are nerds), so at the very least we need to have the dining room table... er... uncovered. Right now it is barely visible underneath the piles of stuff. The plan for tonight-- barring any alarming exhaustion-- is to clean out the refrigerator (Don managed to do the freezer last night before I got home, he's so great) and then go grocery shopping so that we can finally stop eating frozen pizza. Then we'll move all the junk off of the dining room table (I'm pretty sure it's actually the entire contents of the hall closet sitting on there) and move the table itself out into the middle of the room and put the leaves in. One of the dining room chairs came apart a little bit in the move; the rod on the bottom fell off, which was fairly unsurprising since it was wobbly already. We will either fix it on Saturday morning (unlikely) or scrounge up some of the bounty of bizarre chairs that was left to us in the house and use those instead (more likely). I'd like to get some of the kitchen stuff put away on Saturday morning just so that it's a little easier to get around in there. Right now there's boxes practically filling the whole room-- and it's a big room.

Man, my paragraphs are long. Sorry about that.

Anyway, hopefully we can get the cable guy to come turn the cable on on Sunday. I can't live too much longer without the Food Network, as I made sure to tell Don at least three times yesterday. More importantly, neither of us can live much longer without the internet at home.

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