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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I put in an application to become part of the Blog Baltimore blogring. There are an awful lot of people blogging in Baltimore. A lot of them seem really interesting. As I took the train home last night, I kept surreptitiously examining the people around me, wondering if any of them had blogs-- if, in fact, any of them wrote the blogs I'd read that day! So many of them fit the images my imagination had conjured up for me; lanky women in wool coats with interesting scarves and pixyish haircuts, men with dog-eared copies of books which looked like they contained the wisdom of the ages (they were probably just copies of 'The Purpose-Driven Life' or something, but my imagination knows no bounds), people grading papers, all sorts of interesting people who looked like they had something to say.

I once said in another blog that my reasons for doing things are often skewed; I'll do a fairly normal thing for a very strange reason (I got my tongue pierced in college so that I could make faces in ice cream cones, for example). This holds true when it comes to making snap judgements about people. I will often decide that I want to be friends with somebody based on their haircut, rather than, for instance, the fact that they're reading the same book I am or show signs of pursuing the same interests as I have.

I bet the Baltimore bloggers all have really interesting haircuts.

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