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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The cable man finally came yesterday, so we have internet at the house (this was very important last night in order to find out whether or not KFC has roast chicken [they don't]). More importantly, we have cable TV. Digital cable TV. I've never had digital cable before, though Don's parents have had it for years, so I am familiar with it (a good thing, or I'd never have figured out how to work the remote).

Oh, the possibilities! Movies on demand! The game show network! TV Land! The food network! Five different versions of HGTV! I may not move from the couch for a week. This may have a serious impact on our unpacking timetable (we don't actually have a timetable, though, so it's okay).

That said, I spent last night curled up in bed with "The Chronicles of Narnia."

So maybe TV won't take over my life. But the fact that there's a library on the way home from the train station might do something to my free time.

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