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Friday, June 15, 2007

too much to hope for

The HVAC man is supposed to come over tonight to start taking all the relevant measurements and putting together a work plan. I'm not holding out a lot of hope that a) he'll show up or b) things will go as planned. He was supposed to come on Monday, and got stuck at a job site in DC and couldn't make it. We originally got an estimate from him quite a while ago -- sometime last year -- so we'll have to hear what the final price is going to be (one MILLION dollars). We know he's running two to three weeks out, and ours is (of course) a fairly big job, so we're not going to have air conditioning for a while yet no matter what. And that's not even counting the unexpected issues that could come up: what if he needs us to clear out the attic before he can start work? What if it turns out that the kitchen will be more of a problem to run vents to than previously indicated? What if the cat poops in the basement again, right where the new HVAC unit is supposed to go?

It's much easier to be a pessimist about this sort of thing. That way, when something goes unexpectedly right, you get a pleasant surprise! And the rest of the time, you can simply swan about being proven right all the time. Who hates that? Nobody, that's who.

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