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Monday, June 04, 2007

this post is more than one sentence long

I suppose you might actually like to know what's going on around here, aside from my various wittily-captioned photos and LOLcat obsession. The big news is that the first floor subfloor is officially done, and we're moving on to wiring. Or rather, we thought we were moving on to wiring.

We went out and bought some good books on wiring and electrical work (yes, Dad, including one that is about the NEC code). Don spent most of Saturday reading and then making an electrical plan (which he says I can post once he has redone it so it doesn't look like our house is inside a funhouse mirror). You may recall that last weekend, he and his dad cleaned out the basement and did the first of the new wiring, putting in far more lights than anyone actually needs in a basement (at Don's insistence). Once that was done, we could really plan out how we wanted the electrical to work in the first floor. It's really nice to be able to consider things like where we want our Christmas tree to go, and be able to make sure that there's a plug there for the lights. So we made our plan, and Don started placing boxes for electrical outlets in preparation for wiring.

The problem? Well, we realized that we can't actually wire until the HVAC and window contractors have come through, as they'll be changing our spaces. And since we have yet to be able to get hold of either the HVAC guy or the window company (WHY won't anyone call us back?), we are at an impasse. Frustrating, but it gives us some time to recover from the massive construction effort (and for me to get over the bout of poison ivy which, despite everyone's best intentions, I've managed to contract) and to start clearing out the clutter upstairs in preparation for the move downstairs once all this is over with.

There's a positive side to everything. But I would really like to have air conditioning soon.


quietnightwing said...

You can never have too many lights in a basement. Heaven only knows what lurks down there.

danielle said...

Congrats on the subfloor! Does that mean no more teetering across the beams?!

Better to have too many lights and outlets than too few.

And how did you get poison ivy?! Oh dear!

Jamaila said...

Mom -- for once, you and Don are in agreement.

Danielle -- Yes! No more joists! For now, anyway. Until we start doing the upstairs. And I have no idea how I got it -- must have just been in the air or something! :(