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Monday, June 25, 2007

monday morning weekend recap: other people are more productive than me

We weren't as productive as Don had hoped this weekend, but we definitely accomplished some stuff. On Saturday we lounged around, feeling guilty the whole time that we weren't getting anything done but enjoying ourselves anyway. Sunday, I woke Don up at 8 AM (I'd been up for a while already but I let him sleep a little more) and we headed outside. We ripped off the very last part of the back deck -- you can sort of see it in this picture from last summer during the Great Possum Debacle. We threw out the broken grill and broken dryer that the previous owners had left, heaving them into the dumpster with great joy.

While Don worked on tearing out the deck, I cleaned out the mudroom. I think Don had hoped to start the demolition in there, but we just didn't get to it. But everything that was in there is gone, generally to places where it actually belongs, which is good. So it's ready for whenever we do get to the demo (next weekend? Anyone want to come over and help?).

All that was done by about 11:30 in the morning, so we headed out for brunch at the diner and then went to Home Depot, where we picked up a "professional" four-gallon backpack sprayer and some weed-killer concentrate and some herbs and potting stuff. While Don mowed the backyard and then strapped himself into the sprayer and ventured off into the jungle, I planted some basil, thyme, and rosemary and set them out on the little concrete landing off the back door. We'll see how this growing experiment goes.

As we all know, I'm not very good with plants. I have watering issues. But Lindley came up with the notion of leaving a filled watering can right next to the plants, and putting the plants next to the back door where I'll always see them when I come in and out of the house. Hopefully, since I'll see them I'll remember to water them, and since the water will be right there I won't neglect it out of laziness. Cross your fingers -- herbaceous lives are at stake.

On a side note, Ariana apparently has a lot more to show for her weekend than I do -- and check out her kitchen! White cabinets with glass uppers and black countertops like that are EXACTLY what I want, and I am taking this opportunity to point out to Don that Ariana and Jeff's kitchen doesn't look "foofy country" at all just because it has white cabinets. I'm just saying.


Crystal said...

Why do you do all of the FUN things when I'm gone? I'll be in Colorado Springs next weekend...
Could you save a wall for me?

Jamaila said...

Don't worry, we still have the whole upstairs to do. Should be sometime in late July or early August. I'll let you know.

danielle said...

How did things go in the jungle? If you need professional advice, my sister works for the DE Dept. of Natural Resources & Environmental Control doing invasive species mgmt. this summer. So, she's like a professional jungle destroyer.

I would LOVE to help you demo stuff or pull weeds. That would be so therapeutic (In psychology, it's called sublimation) but I can't this wkend :(

Jamaila said...

Danielle -- Well, the first treatment from two weeks ago is definitely working, stuff is all wilty and faded. The stuff we bought this time is supposed to work even faster, so we'll see how it goes.

And don't worry, there's lots of demo to go around. ;)

quietnightwing said...

I LOOOOVE demolition. It's so therapeutic! And I'll even be in Baltimore next weekend.

becoming-home said...

Aw, thanks!

I'm glad it didn't come out foofy country too :)

Hey, didn't I tag you 3 posts ago??

Jamaila said...

Haha, he told me he still doesn't like white -- I think now he just is saying that to sustain the principle of the thing.

And yes, you did -- but I generally don't do memes like that, sorry! :(