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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Originally uploaded by jamailac
All I know about hydrangeas is that they are the ph test strips of the natural world, and they bloom different colors according the acidity of your soil. Our soil is apparently whatever acidity makes blue, because that's what our hydrangea bush blooms.

The only other thing I know about hydrangeas is that they are apparently indestructible. This bush is located right next to where we put the dumpster every year, and it's had plaster thrown into it, boards dropped on it, and all manner of terrible things happening around it, and it still blooms gorgeously every year. I certainly don't water it or pay attention to it, so it's doing this all on its own. Go little hydrangea, go!


Summer said...

another thing to know about hydrangea... buying the blooms from a florist = $$$$

They are the bulk of my wedding flowers... blue ones in particular... and all I can say is its a good thing they are big so I need less of them!

I love hydrangeas!

fmsilk@livejournal said...

I love hydrangeas. My next door neighbor when I was growing up was a fantastic gardener and she had them. They're just beautiful and as you've found, very hardy (which is great if you like them and want to keep them around... not so great if you're trying to get rid of one. ;)) They can also get positively huge.

Here's a website where you can find out about hydrangea colors if you like: http://www.hydrangeashydrangeas.com/colorchange.html.

Blue basically means that your bush has access to plenty of aluminum.

I really like the color of yours.

danielle said...

So pretty. I love hydrangeas, but don't have room for one, yet. Maybe when I cut down my maple tree.

quietnightwing said...

Acid soil = blue hydrangeas. Alkaline = pink. They are one of my favorite flowers. I have yet to grow them successfully because deer love them.