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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

sunday brunch

Hey, local types -- I'm headed to Intergem on Sunday, and my peeps and I would like to go out for a Sunday brunch beforehand. Do any of you northern folks (or anyone else, for that matter) have any tips on a great place to go in Timonium or Towson for brunch? The kicker -- it's got to be totally nonsmoking.


a.g. said...

Do you like Indian? India Palace at York & Cranbrook has a Sunday Brunch. I've never done their brunch but I hear it's alright.

Want to ensure a better brunching experience brunch? Oregon Grill is that best bet. But it's pricey.

I'd send you to the Parsa Kabob, a fav of mine up here but they're closed on Sundays. So is Andy Nelson. He doesn't do brunch but he's a fun & casual must do around here.

Pickins are slim on weekends around here for brunch. Best brunch I've ever had in the Balti area was at the Hampton.

Hope I helped a little. :)

Jon said...

An Poitin Stil (ie The Still) is always good, but not sure about their smoking situation. I want to say they do some kinda of cool Irish brunch, but I'm not usually up there on Sundays. Towson being Towson, sushi is always a strong option as well.