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Friday, May 04, 2007

springtime: or, the time when i stop being allowed in the yard until november

I made what will probably be my last foray into the yard for quite some time last weekend, to take some pictures of the flowers that have managed to bloom despite proximity to me. Look, they're pretty:

Not so pretty? What happened to me the last time I ventured into the yard once the plants came back to life. So from now until approximately, oh, next winter, I'm not allowed in the yard. Sigh.

Hopefully once the interior is done (next year? maybe?) we'll be able to start clearing out the devil weed poison ivy and put in a real yard. That I can go into. Exciting!


danielle said...

Oh dear, that was some bad poison ivy! I kind of like the dandelions around the tulips. The pink and green and yellow look pretty in the picture.

danielle said...

One more thing, I just noticed the hostas below the azalea. I am trying to collect some hostas to fill in this space on my neighbor's property to keep the weeds out, so I'm looking for free or cheap hostas, if you end up getting rid of any out of your yard.

Jamaila said...

Danielle -- no problem, you're welcome to come over and take whatever you'd like. (Don says: "Except for the trees and the grass, everything can go.") I'll be at Blogger Happy Hour on Thursday, we can set up a time or something.