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Thursday, May 03, 2007

but a really excited space cadet

Don is yelling at me because he wants me to post something here so he'll have something to read at work. Unfortunately, I am sort of a space cadet and for the last four days I have consistently forgotten to transfer the photos I took this past weekend off of my camera and up onto Flickr -- and I'm sort of out of filler material! I don't have time for the research that a real estate roundup would take right now, as I'm in the middle of a proposal, and likewise my time for hunting down other interesting things is limited just now. Sorry!

Anyway, the big news is that my big brother and his wife and son (he's not actually my brother but it's much too complicated to explain) are moving! From California to North Carolina! And let me tell you, North Carolina is a lot closer to here than California (also, gas = cheaper than plane tickets [for now]). So it's sort of needless to say, but I'm so! freaking! excited!

The exclamation points will probably clue you in.


Lindley said...

Where at in NC?

Jamaila said...