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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


It's times like this when I really get mad about not having a decent camera. I just got home from work, and when I pulled up into the driveway I discovered that there were dozens of birds of every different sort -- including the pair of doves that nests above our garage -- playing in the water in the pool hole. They're not nervous about people -- one robin who we've taken to calling 'Fatty' and his various equally portly descendants are downright cavalier about the whole cars-pulling-up-doors-slamming-curious-humans thing.

Once we finish the demolition in the yard and fill the hole, I plan on putting some serious birdbaths in to replace it. I love having birds in the yard.


fmsilk@livejournal said...

If you put in bird baths, be sure and keep them clean with clean water in them. Dirty bird baths and/or dirty water can kill the birds.


Jamaila said...

Yes ma'am! :) I was thinking I could probably get some sort of recirculating system with a filter or something. I'll certainly do my research when the time comes. :)