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Thursday, June 01, 2006

even the cat thinks it's too hot

Just a quick post today, as I'm about to head out to UB for my grad school interview. I just wanted to note that it is currently hot as balls here in Charm City, and it has been for the last week or so -- which has meant that I've been sick for the last week. I have a little problem with heat sickness. I know, I'm living in the wrong town.

The wrong house, too; we don't have central air. Or any air, really. The only temperature control in this house is the old radiator system. Not very helpful in summer. Fortunately, we found about nine window AC units in various places around the house and property (we also have eight lawnmowers!). Two of them work. We found them tucked in an upstairs closet. Emboldened by the fact that they looked newer than any of the others, we figured out how to install them in the two most crucial rooms in the house: the master bedroom and the office. Both rooms also have ceiling fans; the combination of the window unit and the fan keeps the rooms tolerably temperate. We try to avoid the rest of the house, but going to the bathroom is like peeing in a swamp. We are having some people come over in the next week or so to give us quotes on installing an HVAC system, which we really should have done much sooner. Don getting laid off derailed several plans. Hopefully we'll get back on track right away. More on HVAC when I know more.
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Malnurtured Snay said...

One summer years ago when I lived at The Colony in Towson, the a/c was out through July, and the cats spent the entire time in the bathtub or on the tile floor in the kitchen.,

Kristin said...

"going to the bathroom is like peeing in a swamp" ... that cracked me up! We just turned on our central air, so I feel your pain. Or at least, I used to feel it. Now the house is blissfully cool. That's with the thermostat set stingily on 81, which everyone else on the planet still thinks is insanely hot.

The cats have definitely been more frisky since we turned the air on. Less lying about, more pouncing.

Christi Richardson said...

I live in the ohio valley and I spent one summer living on the third floor with NO air conditioning. Seeing as I am as heat sensitive as you are, I decided to NEVER, ever have to do that again. However, with the rise in energy prices, I am forced to not turn the air on till it gets above 85. It's killing me. I turn on the fan, I open two windows (the ones that will open) and its still not chilly the way i like it. I truly empathize. hang in there.

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