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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

and lo! there was an arch

Taking down the paneling in the dining room wasn't all disaster; we did find one pleasantly startling surprise: arches!

Both doors (the one to the kitchen and the one opposite it, to the hall) turn out to have once had lovely arches above them. Upon discovering this, it took us all of about thirty seconds to reach a mutual agreement that we would restore the arches, and make all of our new openings into arches, too. With the exception of the bathroom, none of the rooms on the main level are actually going to have doors by the time we are done with the renovation. Mostly because they will be so open to each other that they won't really qualify as rooms anymore. So arches ahoy!


Summer said...

Wonderful! That's a happy discovery! I can't belive they got rid of those at some point... all for "modernization", right? ugh. Glad you're bringing them back!

kingstreetfarm said...

WOW! What a find! So jealous! Of course, we're the type of renovators who found...not arches, but useful stuff like faux-brick (?!), and old termite damage.

Jamaila said...

So far the arches have been the ONLY nice find! The rest has been drop ceilings, plastic paneling, and cracking plaster. I feel your pain!