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Thursday, March 02, 2006

who are you people?

I like to pay attention to who is reading my blog, so I have one of those sitemeter thingies. It tells me that there are approximately 20 people a day viewing some page or another from this blog, probably at least half of whom are my mother. But still. That's more than I expected! And it has this nifty feature that tells you where people are geographically that are accessing your site, and that baffles me. I mean, who is reading this blog from Syosset, New York? And Chicago? And Blackpool in the UK? And Raleigh?

The repetitive 'Spokane, WA' ones are pretty easy to decipher (ha! See, Mom, I'm spying on you spying on me!), as are the mysterious governmental service providers (that would be Don, reading my blog when he is supposed to be FIXING the mysterious governmental service providers). But who is reading me from Ijamsville, MD? For that matter, where IS Ijamsville, MD?

Go ahead, leave a comment. Explain your geographic bad selves.

No, Mom, you don't have to. I know you're there.


Cham said...

I think Ijamsville is a few miles southeast of Frederick. It used to be stop on the B&O railroad.

Nick said...

Ijamsville is about 20 miles northwest of here (Rockville), so that could be me depending on how my IP address is getting routed from work.

Some of those visitors could also be automated web crawling robots. I'm not quite sure how your site meter records hits for those, so it's possible.

Lori said...

Fells Point, but I'm reading from my office overlooking K Street (badddddddasssssss lobbyissssttttttttt)

Jamaila said...

Lobbyist! Hot!

Even hotter: someone with a commute like mine. ;)