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Friday, March 03, 2006

overheard at the library

"So it's a camera but you don't have to use any film? That's amazing!"

It was one of the librarians, too.

I realize that I haven't posted anything house-related in, like, ages. Sorry. I'll have something (maybe even with pictures!) to entertain you this weekend, I am sure. If I stop playing EQ2 long enough to dig the camera out from under the piles of junk on my desk.

In other news, at least our money is doing something-- we put the profit from the sale of the townhouse into a high-interest-bearing savings account with ING and it's made us $140 in the last month. That's pretty cool.

1 comment:

Nick said...

Keep Emigrant Direct and HSBC in mind when ING's rates drop back down again in mid-April. ING's been lagging behind the rest of the crowd for a while now, so once their "sale" is over, they'll probably go back to being 0.5% lower than the others.

And boy, cameras without film? Next thing you tell me, they'll have cars you don't need to crank to start!