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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

in the days of tile past

It's been a while since I tiled. More specifically, it's been at least ten years, since the last time I was even near mortar and grout was when my parents were building their dream house and saving money -- and hassle -- by doing all of the tile work themselves. My mother's kitchen countertops are custom designed -- by her -- and custom laid -- by us. They're beautiful. Beautiful, and a pain in the ass. Do yourself a favor, folks-- don't do the tile countertop thing. If you feel you must, take a trip out to Spokane and clean my mom's countertops first. Then go ahead and get a solid surface countertop. Because after you clean hundreds of tiny grout lines and still can't get rid of the stains, you'll think Corian was sent from the heavens.

Point is, though, it's been a long time since I picked up the trusty tile nippers. Good thing Scripps invented the DIY Network! Here's an article from them on how to do exactly what we're doing this weekend: take down a tub surround and put up tile.

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