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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

mmm restaurants

How about something that has nothing to do with my total meltdown whatsoever?

It's Baltimore's Restaurant Week this week. A whole bunch of really nice restaurants where it normally costs like a hundred bucks a head for dinner are offering a prix fixe menu for $30.07 a head. You can do lunch for $20.07, same principle. Go to the website here and check out all of the menus. I don't think we can afford to go this year, but I still like to drool over the menus. Plus, you can live vicariously through the Baltimore Snacker as he makes his way through Restaurant Week. That's always good.

DC's Restaurant Week is next week, and my favorite tapas restaurant, Jaleo, has a fantastic deal. Check that out, too, if you're down that way. I'll be up here, drooling.


John said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! Although honestly, I won't be going to many places. More than most at my income level, but still not too many :)

I loved Jaleo the one time I went, but they (of course) tried to pressure me into buying several tapas (I'm a one-tapa kind of guy). The server seemed disappointed when I declined and asked for the check. Oh well!

Jamaila said...

Hey, you're probably going to more than I am!

I'm a huuuuge Jaleo fan. We do get several tapas when we go -- my two favorites are definitely the garlic shrimp and the endive with oranges, almonds, and goat cheese. Soooo good. I have actually convinced Don to go next week, so I'm super excited. Their RW deal is a really good one -- three tapas plus one of their fantastic desserts and a drink for the $30.07. Last time we went, there were three of us and the bill was like $180, so I'm totally taking advantage of the deal now.