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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

good lord

Installation Guy apparently quit on Thursday. Just stopped going to work. Didn't call, didn't do anything. He didn't attend the meeting he was supposed to be at yesterday, and Sales Guy finally figured it out. Don just heard from Sales Guy, who is now apparently frantic, baffled, frustrated, and probably swearing a lot. He said he'd come out tomorrow and see what stage our project was at and schedule a time to come finish it up.

Part of the reason we do so much stuff ourselves? We have the WORST LUCK EVER with house-related people (ask our last insurance agent about her broken leg sometime, and our mortgage guy about his surgery, and the home inspector about his wife's serious illness, and you could ask our first realtor about anything you like but she probably won't answer because she is DEAD).


danielle said...

oh. my. goodness!

Lindley said...

WTF. Seriously. I have waiter luck, you guys have house luck.

quietnightwing said...

There is no such thing as good contractor luck. The reason everything at my house is in disrepair is that it is impossible to deal with contractors. I'd rather patch, patch, patch myself than wait for these idiots to show up maybe. How do they stay in business?

Crystal Y. said...

oh wow...i'm so sorry! Maybe i can donate a fan to the "Keep Don and Jameila COOL" fund...?