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Monday, August 06, 2007

back to stress

I have no updates today. My "stress-free" weekend has kind of accomplished the opposite -- since I purposefully didn't get anything done, now there's an even larger mountain of stuff for me to do today than usual. Sigh.

HVAC Installation Guy apparently has some kind of meeting to attend today about a commercial installation, and has promised to come finish up at our house after the meeting. In other words, as I said at dinner last night, we're probably not going to have air conditioning today.

I feel like this blog has gotten awfully boring. This whole HVAC thing is just consuming my life; we've wasted like an entire month on this crap. A month we had planned to spend moving forward on the house and getting a lot done. Ugh! Hopefully our lives will start getting interesting again soon. In a good way, not in an ancient-Chinese-curse way.

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