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Friday, April 13, 2007

why you shouldn't renovate with kids

Because your kids will grow up thinking that living in a house under construction is totally the norm, and just as you are almost done with your own house and ready to relax, they will call you up and say, "Hey! Want to come over and work on my house now?" And then they will give you all the hard, dirty jobs, like taking out the expansion tank from the radiator system, and while you are doing that their spouse will take pictures of you and post them on the internet.

A big thank you to Don's dad for all of his help with our projects, even if he did say he's going to start charging me for all the pictures I post of him.


fmsilk@livejournal said...

You should start charging HIM! It could be the start of his late-in-life modelling career. I mean, really!

Broadsheet said...

I almost snorted coffee through my nose when I read this. My father is an architect. I didn't live in a "finished" house until I left home for college. Every weekend was some project or other. I have been an expert since the age of 7 or 8 at painting, spackling, sanding, staining, digging, and holding the dumb end of a tape measure.