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Thursday, October 29, 2009

who wants to take a bath?

The master bathroom tub has finally been set in place. I'm pretty excited about it. For those who are curious, we went with the five-foot Kohler Archer tub, with 'air massage' as opposed to whirlpool jets. (And for the even more curious, Lowe's prices are actually pretty significantly lower than the listed prices from Kohler - worth looking into, plus they offer delivery, and the delivery guys carried it all the way upstairs.) The only thing now missing is the faucet for it, which will actually go in after the tile is set on the tub deck (so that it can be installed neatly through the tiles, instead of trying to cut them to fit around it and having lots of ugly grout lines).

We are going to have to find a tile person soon.


RP30 said...

Just bought the archer tub minus jets and includes apron. Did your installer cemtent that base?

Thanks in advance.

Jamaila said...

No, actually, it isn't cemented. We adjusted the tub deck's height so that the tub itself is resting on the floor and just barely hits the surface of the deck. So it's resting flat on the floor, and then as you can see they went pretty crazy with the foam to secure it. I think it only needs to be cemented if your tub deck is too high or if your floor isn't level.

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