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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

yet more demolition

The master bedroom is officially totally demo'd. Don finished it up on Sunday, in the process filling the dumpster the rest of the way. Hopefully we'll get a new one this week -- plans are currently for more demolition on Sunday, followed by a home-cooked (and potentially food-blogged) meal for whoever helps.

Demolition is a really frustrating thing to have dragging on and on. It's much more satisfying when you can get it all done in one violently destructive day or weekend, like we did last time. It seems like it ought to be so easy to get it all done! But the killer with demo, as it turns out, is cleaning up after yourself. If you don't shovel out all the plaster and wood bits, pretty soon you wind up being unable to move around enough to do any more demo. And shoveling is way less fun than hitting things.


danielle said...

Did you say home-cooked meal? I might be able to help on Sunday. After all, I do need to retrieve my crowbar and my shoes are still dusty from last time.

Jamaila said...

I did say home-cooked meal! And you are more than welcome on Sunday!

ellipsisknits said...

Phew. I hear you on demo sucking your soul. We're just beginning to turn the corner from stripping wallpaper and tearing out plaster to putting up new nailers and insulation and paint.

Thinking about finally starting to make things *better* rather than worse is raising my motivation a ton.