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Thursday, November 08, 2007

soooo coooold

I'm waiting for the HVAC guy. It's like some horrible version of deja vu, except with added coldness.

Our new heating thingie (I never know the difference between a furnace and a heat pump so I have no idea which one we have -- therefore you get the technical term 'thingie') is leaking water all over the basement. Don called the HVAC guy yesterday and he said not to panic, it's actually a fairly common problem with new installations. Apparently the manufacturer often ships a faulty water line with these units, so it has to be replaced. HVAC guy is supposed to be here sometime around 11 today to fix it, very prompt service on his part if it actually happens.

In the meantime, Don has turned off the heat so that the basement won't be full of water -- probably a sensible thing to do, really. But I'm the one who's stuck at home waiting with no heat. He has a super-important briefing at work today, so he had to go in. I have a lot of super-important things to do, too -- we have a proposal due in about a week -- but I agreed to stay home for the morning. I'll go into the office after HVAC guy gets here. In the meantime, I freeze.

Seriously, I'm SO COLD. My hands are so cold I could hardly type this stupid post. Ugh, winter sucks!

Further progress has been made downstairs but I'm too cold to write about it, you'll just have to wait.


Broadsheet said...

Ahh, the difference between a dracfty older house, and one with new energy efficient windows! I still haven't turned my heat on, and while it was a little chilly this morning, it's still not uncomfortable with a fire in the fireplace and a hot cup of chai.

Jamaila said...

Shuddup. :(

Actually, it's not just the windows -- this house didn't even come with insulation! SO COLD.

Infogal said...

You need a space heater or two. We live in an old cinder-block house and the walls are frigid. The radiant in-the-floor heat just keeps us from freezing but it is never warm. My heaters are 6"x6"x9", have knock-over switches are very effective. Pull the drapes, close doors and they can heat a 15'x15' room.