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Monday, November 12, 2007

kind of like a padded room

So, I promised pictures of The Great Tarping of Ought Seven. Here's one, anyway. Living in this space is a little surreal; the tarp covers everything from floor to ceiling, so it can be a little unnerving. I'm not used to black walls and black ceilings and vaguely shiny rooms. As you can see, Don put clear tarp over the windows, to keep the light but make sure we're maintaining the insulatory effect and also for privacy for when we move down. The picture above is the corner of the living room; the entire living room and dining room look like this. Very weird.


Alex said...

I immediately think of horror movies. I'd half expect to see a band saw in the middle of the room, dripping with the blood of your last victim.

Very serial killeresque.

Jamaila said...

Um... thanks? :P

quietnightwing said...

Couldn't he have used blue or brown tarps or something? Black is a bit scary! Maybe you can hang sheets or swaths of cloth over them. I had to do that in a horribly painted rental house to make it livable. Saris drapped from the ceiling and hung down the walls.