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Monday, October 15, 2007

vibes, good and otherwise

Don starts his new job today. I was up half the night being nervous for him while he slept rather peacefully. Of course he's in orientation all day, so he can't call me every other hour and tell me all about it like I want. He's not even in his actual office today, since his job is onsite on one of the many, many military installations in the area. He's at one of the corporate offices for the day, which meant that he had to leave the house at 7 this morning. Quite a drastic change for the man who was still in his underpants when I came home at 6 PM last week.

In other news, I managed to get a splinter in my foot last night, and this morning the puncture wound from it has made it very painful to walk. Which is unfortunate, since today's work at my day job involves a lot of walking back and forth to printers and the like. Sigh.

I made these cookies over the weekend, they're fantastic. Don was disappointed at first that they weren't chocolate chip, his favorite (he lives in eternal hope that THIS time, I'll be baking them), but by the end of the weekend he was violently protesting my inclination to take some of them in to the office to share. I did it anyway. (And yes, Mom, I used low-fat ricotta and it didn't make a darn bit of difference. Hooray!)

Hopefully someday soon this blog will actually go back to being house-related.


quietnightwing said...

Umm - yeah - but a whole stick of butter? How many cookies did it make? Maybe if you dvide 72 grams of fat by a whole lot of cookies it's not so bad.

And by the way, Ms. Puncture Wound, do you have a current tetanus shot? It's an essential for home remodeling.

Jamaila said...

I didn't count, but they took up three full size sheet pans. And I made them way too big -- if I'd made them appropriately sized it would have made even more. So there!

And yes, I do have a current tetanus shot, although I'll need a new one next year. Whenever I next go to the doctor I'll schedule one. I step on sharp things WAY more often than a normal person, so I try to stay up to date.