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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

yet another disaster

Allstate has just written and informed us that they'll be cancelling our homeowners' insurance in early November unless we replace the roof.


Because, you know, with production at work weeks behind schedule, grad school work falling behind, business design work piling up, and the cat depositing HALF OF A MOUSE in the dining room, I totally need more stress.

Contractor coming on Friday to give us an estimate. Don will have to take care of this one by himself; until October 27th I'm pretty much chained to my desk at work and will be working late every day -- and, if things don't go well, on the weekends.

Blogging may be spotty for a while, guys. Sorry.

1 comment:

Broadsheet said...

If you need a good roofing contractor, call American Design and Build. They did my windows and my roof. Tell them I sent you!