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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

cable from the heavens

One of the Eddies (lots of Eddies have lived in this house, including but not limited to Grandpa Eddie, Uncle Eddie, and Little Eddie) worked for the cable company, lo these many years ago. So our house is wired for cable in the most fantastic way -- and I mean that in the literal sense of fantastic. Look it up. Our basement cable junction actually reduced the cable installer guy to speechlessness when they hooked up our cable. All he could do was sputter helplessly and point dramatically. So nothing surprises us when it comes to cable in our house -- not even when Don took the bedroom drop ceiling down and found a mysterious cable box plunked in the middle of the ceiling, with a length of unattached cable coiled loosely around it.

Really, we half expected it. Because, after all, we took the ceiling in the back bedroom down ages ago, and it's got one, too.


Don said...


There was never a Grampa Eddie...though there is an Uncle Eddie, and a Little Eddie (Uncle Eddie's son)...however, she also left out Babie Eddie (Little Eddie's son).

Jamaila said...

Your grandfather's name is Edward, buddy.

Also, it's spelled 'baby'. :P