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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

i'm back

Yes, it's been a month. Yes, that sucks. I'll try not to let it happen again. Lots of momentous things have been happening lately, including a weeklong trip to Washington State for Passover, me applying to graduate school, and Don getting laid off. All of this has combined to make me less than inclined to post here. I apologize.

A brief update, with more to come later: We finished the tub at Mr. and Mrs. V's house. It turned out nicely. Since Don has been laid off, he's had time to do a lot of work (and by work I mean therapeutic destruction) on our own house. He's taken down a drop ceiling or two, demolished the back deck (I made him leave me a little bit for tomato plants, though), ripped out the chain link fence separating the driveway and the backyard (and the accompanying ten-foot steel poles -- maybe I can make them into art!), and drained the pool.

He still hasn't mowed the grass, though. It's up to my waist.

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